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Welcome to the Mini Owners Club Limited Editions Register

The MOC Limited Editions Register was originally started as the MOC Mini Sprite Register, but quickly expanded into the Limited Editions Register to cater for the many other Limited Edition Mini's. The register exists to generate interest and discussion, and promote the uniqueness of all Limited Edition Minis, in particular those sold in the UK, but also those produced in export markets such as Australia and those produced in the UK only for export markets such as France, Germany and Japan.

The register has been run by myself, Andrew Murray since 1997 on a wholly voluntary basis and my interest in Limited Edition Mini's started with my wife's purchase of our Mini Sprite Limited Edition back in 1984.

At all times the registers remain the property of the MOC, and any vehicle details will not be kept with any personal details (if you supply them).

For further information about the register and how to register your car, please send a BLANK E-mail to

Alternatively, you can register online

This web site is the ultimate source of information about Limited Edition Mini's on the Internet, and covers the following UK and Export Limted Editions:

You can see information about a Limited Edition Mini by clicking on the model below:

1976 Mini 1000 Special LE 1991 Mini Neon
1983 Mini Sprite 1992 Mini British Open Classic
1985 Mini Ritz 1992 Mini (The) Italian Job
1986 Mini (The) Chelsea 1993 Mini Rio
1986 Mini Piccadilly 1993 Mini Tahiti
1987 Mini Park Lane 1994 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo
1987 Mini Advantage 1995 Mini Sidewalk
1988 Mini Red Hot/Jet Black 1996 Mini Equinox
1988 Mini Designer 1998 Paul Smith Mini
1989 Mini Racing/Flame/Sky/Rose 1998 Mini Cooper Sport LE
1990 Mini Racing Green/Flame Red/Checkmate 1999 John Cooper LE
1990 Rover Special Products (RSP) Mini Cooper 2000 Mini Classic Seven
1990 Mini Studio 2 2000 Mini Classic Cooper
  2000 Mini Classic Cooper Sport

Additionally this site aims to cater for the following Export Limited Edition Mini's:

Australian Limited Edition Mini's (1969-1978)

Japanese Limited Edition Mini's (1985-1998)

199? Mini After Eight (France)

1993 Mini Cosmopolitan (France)

German Limited Edition Mini's (199?-1996)

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